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Dermatology of East Texas Blog

  • Flight, and Other Expressions of Faith

    The evening sunshine is dancing across the tops of my rose bushes, a welcomed sight after so many days of rain. Blushing petals pushed by the weight of the droplets still thrust their majestic glory up into the atmosphere, refusing to subside despite... Read More

  • Happy August!

    How I Spent My Summer Vacation As many of you know, I am a voracious reader, both of dermatology literature and non-work-related writings (entertainment and informative in other areas).  More and more articles appearing in our physician related lit... Read More

  • Happy June!

    June is such a happy month, filled with the excitement of graduations, weddings, vacations, and of course, Father’s Day. There are so many things I could write about, but given I chose to write about moms for May, I thought it only fair to exte... Read More

  • The Suit

    The sky was that achingly beautiful blue, promising and fresh with the first warm drenches of summer. The sun poked golden fingers through my open window, laughing at the curtains that tried, ineffectively, to push it out of the way. Carefully extra... Read More

  • "A Short Tail"

    Author’s Note Sophie and Khyber are the Lowry Family dogs. Sophie came to us as a rescue from Louisiana, Khyber as an 8-week old puppy.  We have overcome behavioral issues with Sophie, and now she is the happiest of dogs, with a true zest for ... Read More

  • Be Unique in Your Own Way

    The wind was barely a whisper, speaking softly to the silvery green leaves; they whisper back in gently swishing undulations. I stepped quietly among them, a visitor to their sacred world, the pale-yellow sunlight filtering down through the canopy ... Read More

  • March Madness

    It’s March and there’s Madness in the air! Yesterday, in Dallas, the University of Loyola, Chicago’s basketball team squeaked out a buzzer beater basket to conquer the favored Miami in the NCAA tournament. As a graduate of Loyola Un... Read More

  • What's New This August

    One of my greatest pleasures as a physician is the privileged and honest conversation I have with my patients. While sometimes difficult and soul wrenching, they are often also joyful, humorous, and filled with insight and points of view that bro... Read More

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