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    1. OC8 Professional Mattifying Gel

      OC8® Professional Mattifying Gel

      Clinically proven to control shine for 8 hours Learn More
    2. ReGenesis® Detox Hair & Scalp Masque

      ReGenesis™ Detox Hair & Scalp Masque

      Phyto-Infused Rejuvenating Formula Learn More
    3. Regensis Fast Absorbing Foam

      ReGenesis™ Fast Absorbing Foam

      Hair Volume Enhancer - Low Density Defense Formula Learn More
    4. ReGenesis™ Hair Thickening Conditioner

      ReGenesis™ Hair Thickening Conditioner

      Optimizes scalp health and fortify hair. Learn More
    5. ReGenesis™ Hair Thickening Shampoo

      ReGenesis™ Hair Thickening Shampoo

      Optimizes scalp health and fortify hair. Learn More
    6. ReGenesis™ Micro-Targeting Spray
    7. ReGenesis™ Spot Serum

      ReGenesis™ Spot Serum

      Helps target specific low density concerns and provide on-the-go defense against damage. Learn More
    8. RevitaBrow® ADVANCED Open

      RevitaBrow® ADVANCED

      Original, physician-developed eyebrow conditioner addresses the visible signs of eyebrow aging due to chemical and environmental stressors, over-plucking and styling products, leading to healthier-looking, more luxurious brows. Learn More
    9. RevitaLash Advanced 3.5 Tube

      RevitaLash® ADVANCED 3.5 mL

      Original, one-of-a-kind, Ophthalmologist developed lash conditioner that enhances the look of lashes and protects against breakage, while improving health, flexibility and strength, for lashes that thrive, naturally. Learn More
    10. Revitalash® Hi-Def Tinted Brow Gel

      Revitalash® Hi-Def Tinted Brow Gel

      A multi-tasking, breakthrough mineral tint styling gel that helps tame, enhance and condition unruly brows. Learn More

    10 Item(s)

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