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Revitalash products RevitaLash® by Athena Cosmetics provides safe, reliable, quality products for hair, brow, and eyelash enhancement.

Strengthen and condition your hair, lash and brows with RevitaLash, an innovative brand that provides a range of products designed to improve the appearance and beauty of your natural hair, making it look fuller and healthier. RevitaLash products will help you get the long lashes, beautiful brows and thick hair you've always wanted.

Developed by ophthalmologist Dr. Michael Brinkenhoff, RevitaLash began with an eyelash conditioner that he created for his wife who had just completed chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer. Today, the line includes brow conditioning and hair thickening products that complement the eyelash formulas.

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    1. ReGenesis® Detox Hair & Scalp Masque

      ReGenesis™ Detox Hair & Scalp Masque

      Phyto-Infused Rejuvenating Formula Learn More
    2. ReGenesis™ Micro-Targeting Spray
    3. ReGenesis™ Spot Serum

      ReGenesis™ Spot Serum

      Helps target specific low density concerns and provide on-the-go defense against damage. Learn More
    4. RevitaBrow® ADVANCED Open

      RevitaBrow® ADVANCED

      A breakthrough, category-leading eyebrow conditioner featuring high impact, proprietary technology for iconic-looking eyebrows. Learn More
    5. RevitaLash Advanced 3.5 Tube

      RevitaLash® ADVANCED 3.5 mL

      A breakthrough, category-leading eyelash conditioner featuring high impact, proprietary technology for dramatic-looking eyelashes. Learn More
    6. RevitaLash Volumizing Mascara

      RevitaLash® Cosmetics Volumizing Mascara - Raven

      A dramatically defining, clump-free mascara. Learn More
    7. Revitalash® Hi-Def Tinted Brow Gel

      Revitalash® Hi-Def Tinted Brow Gel

      A multi-tasking, breakthrough mineral tint styling gel that helps tame, enhance and condition unruly brows. Learn More

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